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Styling Session Stiletto Package

*Personalized must have Shopping list:

Your Must Haves LIST- Created especially for you. Your go-to guide for inspiration for everything from photo shoot or video outfits, networking, meetings, lifestyle dressing, work uniform, date night, speaking events, and take the guesswork out looking great.

This will build on our one on one and mean you’re never lost for what to wear. Show it to your hairdresser, photographer or make-up artist to quickly and visually show them what you’re all about.

*Branding and Personal and Style ALIGNMENT  (this is where the magic happens) :

You will find out what your archetype is and how it aligns with your personal or business life. I’ll push you gently (unless you like tough love, I’m a NY city gal I can do that too) past your comfort zone and perhaps a few lazy habits. Developing a strong personal style will help you feel powerful in the world and comfortable in your skin.

*Wardrobe Styling: This option is great for you if you're unsure what suits you and want to revamp your look and wardrobe. I will help you find your authentic style and empower you to use style as a tool to take control of your image. This is a one on one indepth conversation.


*Personal Branding:

We start with a one on one conversation. You are who you are and do what you do, how do you turn that into a brand? It is all about breaking down your style, story and business into easy steps.

It’s your packaging. It’s a shorthand for people when they first meet you. Think about your favorite brands or celebrities, they all have a certain look that makes them instantly recognizable. That’s what I want for you.

Your brand is a blend of your values, your style and your personality. Everyone has a brand regardless of age or position. This is your chance to take control of your brand and consciously create it, rather than passively letting others decide it for you.

If you’re not actively creating your brand that doesn’t mean you don’t have one, it just means you’re not in charge of it, and I can help you align your brand with who you are, what you do and how you do it.

*Personalized Pinterest Boards or **Look Books:

Everyone has a different lifestyle and I want to make sure that these refect yours. During our one on one we will get to the nitty gritty for the Pinterest Boards or Look Books (**only available if working in person)

*Dressing for your Body Type

How to Dress for your Body Type: We will start by taking your correct measurements. I know this can be scary but remember your measurements are in no way a reflection of your value as a human being, and if we want to flatter your body we need to know it first.

Get your tape measure ready. The right fit and symmetry are the most important. I cannot stress this enough. It’s all about the right fit and symmetry.
I will teach you how to use clothes to sculpt and create your body, accentuating and smoothing as you go, and to give you a longer and leaner look.

You will receive a follow up guide with all the key points so don’t worry about remembering everything.

*Closet Review with a One on One Styling Session

Let’s revive your wardrobe! I will curate a closet system for you and by the time I’m done you will know exactly what to keep, toss, donate and alter. We start with what you already own, and build from there!

More is not always better. We all have a tendency to accumulate clothing but only wear about 15% of the clothes in our closets. Let me help you edit your wardrobe by eliminating items that don’t build your self-esteem or make you feel good, and keeping everything that works for you. Starting your day with a curated closet will change your life!

I tackle your style challenges with skill, clarity and a sharp eye for editing – saving you time, money and a boatload of stress, meaning you can be the best you every day of the week.

*Bonus: hour call You have all the info in your hands at this point. Time to ask your style questions and expand the inspiration. We will get really in deep and clear on who you want to be and how to dress to achieve that.


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